10 Mistakes You’re Likely Making When You Apply Mascara

Have a look at 10 mistakes you’re probably making when you apply mascara.

1) Not enhancing the outer corners.

Ensure you don’t ignore the outer corners of the eyes. They’re the secret to a lifted look with your eye makeup

2) Thinking that a big mascara wand is best.

You don’t need a big mascara wand to have good mascara. I find that bigger brushes are more awkward to work with because they’re easier to get the product on other parts of the eye. I absolutely love to use small and thin wands to get it perfect!

3) Not curling lashes before applying mascara.

Omg, I never used to curl my lashes until my sister forced me to one day. The difference is crazy! Even if you don’t use mascara on curled lashes, you will notice a difference giving you a natural look with no mascara

4) Failing to start at the roots of lashes.

Applying mascara just to the tips of lashes is only going to lengthen them so far. If you want to extend your lashes as far as they will go then you will need to start at the roots of your lashes, aka the “base” that’s closest to the eyelid.

5)  Not using all angles of the brush.

They are 360 for a reason! Use all of the sides to create a seamless

6) Not wiping off the excess.

Not doing this can lead your makeup to look clumpy!

7)  Applying too many coats.

I would apply no more than 2 coats because it makes your mascara look really clumpy and looks the overall effect

8) Not considering bottom lashes.

Putting mascara on your bottom lashes is a GAME CHANGER!

9) Blinking too fast after your mascara application.

Blinking accidentally after applying mascara equals smudge central.

10) Pumping the wand.

Everyone pumps the wand to get more “product”, however, you are just damaging the product in the mascara bottle in the long run by drying it out.

Sarena Kam

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